My Latest Jerusalem Post Op-ed: The Largest Protest In Israel’s History Has Altered the Fate of a Nation

My newest op-ed in The Jerusalem Post is now up, and can be found here. It is in the Premium Zone currently, and will be open to all readership on Tuesday, September 6.

I won’t rehash the content of the op-ed here, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include these images:

This is how Israel’s social justice protests that have changed the fate of a nation started, eight weeks ago:

Tent city against the housing prices, Tel Aviv, Israel, 14/7/2011
A single Israeli, Daphni Leef, moves into the street on July 14 to protest unaffordable housing in Tel Aviv.

And this is what, weeks later, Leef’s single act of civil disobedience awoke in her country:

Protest for social Justice, Tel Aviv, Israel, 3/9/2011.
On September 3, protesters look out upon a sea of people gathered in Tel Aviv. Nearly 500,000 marched across Israel, which in the U.S. would approximate 19,000,000.


About David Harris-Gershon

David Harris-Gershon – a blogger for Tikkun magazine and a freelance writer on Israel, the Middle East and America’s role in the region – has recently published work in The Jerusalem Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, AlterNet, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Colorado Review and elsewhere. His memoir – What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife? – is forthcoming from Oneworld Publications (2013). He received his MFA from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and has worked extensively as an educator, teaching creative writing and Israeli History / Jewish Studies in university and high school classrooms. Follow David on Twitter @David_EHG

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  1. Hi David: Daphni Leef made a good point in her moving onto a public street–hopefully nobody ran over her while she was sleeping or sitting ‘at home’…I wonder if Israeli economists have written articles on the
    high co$t of living in Israel? Is this just ‘the way it is’? Who really benefits from the high cost of living? Who are the real villains who have raked-in the big NIS. Are the ILA, other government agencies, courts, and religious bodies ‘guilty’ of ripping-off Israelis and the untermenchen living in Holyland?..Aaron Allen…

  2. Here is a great resource from ACRI (Association for Civil Rights in Israel) which explains in basic terms what has happened in Israel:

  3. Hi David: If a majority of Israelis is being screwed-n-squeezed-out of housing and other basic services, cud they unite and sweep out the Knesset? Not only cud they halt the rich rippers-off in housing and consumer prices, but they cud also reach out to the neighboring countries and open
    a new relationship of justice and security?..All the fascists and crooks cud be thrown out and a
    NON-Partisan government-of-concensus cud take over? They cud establish nice, rich ghettos for
    the super-conservatives and ultra orthodox, patrolled by Shomrim [Ghetto cops] who wud enforce
    ‘THE LAW”!, keeping ALL non-observant and liberals OUT! All Israelis MUST get their internal ID
    or Passport stamped by the highest Rabbinate in order to enter the ghettos or any houses of wor-ship. They must stay out of ‘liberal’ [beach, touist, entertainment areas and establishments]… Any
    newcomers [potential citizens] must choose which environment they wish to live/work in…Invaders
    in Palestine must become Legal Residents [they shud see their City/Town Clerk for further info]…
    Immigrants from Russia and other places must register and declare their observance…Overpriced
    rental property will be confiscated from the ‘owners’ and a schedule of rental-based-upon-income
    established–especially in working neighborhoods…New, satisfactory but inexpensive ‘desert’ hou-
    sing for retirees and some of the low-income will be built in the Negev [hey, it’s like Las Vegas]!..
    Palestine will form its own Assn for Civil Rights also…Aaron Allen…

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